Crackers Box of 8 Family Fun Finger Puppet Metallic Christmas Crackers


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Product Description

Box of 8 bright metallic coloured puppet Christmas Crackers. This box of 8 metallic crackers contains a hand knitted finger puppet by Little Fingy. With over 40 different designs of puppet available, no 2 boxes of crackers is the same, and the content will vary from the picture shown, but will always include a Father Christmas Puppet in the selection. Will you get Scarlet Charlotte the Ladybird or Bushy Beth the Fox? Suitable cracker content for all the family. Crackers also contain a snap, hat and a joke. Little Fingy donates 10% of all profits to charity and good causes such as Oxfam. The Puppets are made by knitters in the Andean regions of South America. All puppets are hand crafted with superb detail and have been safety tested to the European Standards. The puppets are suitable for all ages and display the CE mark.


  • 8 Large Crackers in assorted metallic colours
  • Each cracker contains a hand knitted animal finger puppet by Little Fingy.
  • Great fun for all the family at Christmas
  • Crackers also contains a hat, joke and snap inside
  • Each box of 8 crackers will have 8 different puppets, but actual puppet may vary from the assortment shown. Father Christmas is always in the selection
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